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As we enter into the cold winter months, we tend to not be as active and spend most of our time indoors. Unfortunately, this is also the same scenario for our dogs. As a result our dogs can tend to not get the adequate amount of physical and mental exercise that they need to stay healthy and well behaved. A bored dog with pent up energy can become grumpy and cause serious upheaval in your household. Here are few easy things you can do to help your poochy pal stay happy and healthy this winter.

Tug of War

This game can satisfy your dog’s need for something energetic to do while at the same time getting to play with you. When playing Tug of War, you can let him win once in a while. It will keep him engaged and help his confidence. It will not make your dog aggressive or assume some kind of dominance stance with you. Make sure you let your dog know that play ends if his teeth engage your hand.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Putting together items such as towels to jump over, toys to run around or a set of stairs to go up and down can be both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog. Maybe have her stop and give you a paw or perform some new trick you have taught her before she continues on through the course. Always make sure you reward her with energetic praise and high value treats for successfully completing the course. This will always have her wanting to give her best each time.

Work for Food

Hide some of your dog’s favorite treats throughout the house for him to find. Maybe put some treats in a cardboard toilet paper cylinder and fold it shut. Put a treat in one of your closed hands and ask him to nose bump or paw at the hand he feels has the treat in it. Your dog will find these types of games to be the cure he needs to break up his boredom.

Work on obedience or new tricks.

Keeping our dogs sharp on their obedience or building their confidence by helping them to master a new trick is something you will both be happy for. It gives you a chance to accomplish something together.

Keeping you dog active both physically and mentally now will ensure that your dog wont have a grumpy personality or be out of shape next spring when the weather lets us all back outside again.

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