Valparaiso In-Home Dog Training

In home dog training services in Valparaiso, IN.

You don’t have to go far from home – schlepping your dog here and there, all the way to Chicago even – to get the caring and quality training your pup or adult dog deserves.

In fact, you don’t have to leave home at all.

And quite frankly, you deserve the affectionate company and unconditional love of a well-trained dog. One that doesn’t make you worry about those couch cushions while you’re away at work and won’t bark at strangers at the Popcorn Festival.

Just a stone’s throw from Takacs base of operations in Merrillville, in home dog training in Valparaiso brings time-tested dog training methods straight into your living room (or basement or backyard, etc. it’s your home, you tell me!).

The life of your dog is a precious one and because they give so much love to you, you naturally want the best for them in return. The same goes for me, which is why my training classes are grounded in, and based on, the power of positive reinforcement and are 100% force free.

Whether it’s dog obedience, behavioral issues or anxiety, my years of experience as a dog trainer – working with every breed imaginable – has taught me that fear and pain have no place in getting the best results. Because making your good boy (or girl) even better is all about rewarding that good behavior.

Each dog is unique and given that, my approach and lessons are adjusted and customized to the very qualities that make your dog so special.
In addition to that, private lessons in the comfort of your Valparaiso home are inherently built on a foundation of trust, because what could feel safer than familiar, loving surroundings?

Classes away from your house, on the other hand, require a commute, maybe even a lengthy one, and once there the discomfort of having to get acquainted with new dogs they might not get along with in a setting they’re unfamiliar with creates yet more hurdles to progress and success.
A home-based approach is also highly recommended if your dog has certain behavior problems that are best addressed in a more private, one-on-one setting. Things like over aggression towards people or animals, for example.

Whether you’re up around ValPawRaiso Dog Park in Valpo Parks, down near Central Park Plaza or over by Valparaiso University, if you’re in Porter County, Indiana, at-home dog training is doable.

What could be better than celebrating a job well done with a walk around the block or in your favorite park? A consultation with me is always free and the training can start whenever you’re ready.

If you are ready to start, contact me for a free phone consultation so that we can begin making your life with your dog the best that it can be.

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