Schererville, IN In-Home Dog Training

In-Home Dog Training in Schererville, IN

In-Home Dog Training: Schererville Private Lessons

Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy or you’ve taken in a rescue dog, I’m with you. Takacs Dog Training is the premier service for in-home training programs in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

I will work with you to deal with:

  • Unwanted behavior problems, such as barking at guests
  • Socialization, which can include group classes
  • Rehabilitation for an adult dog who has been rescued
  • Boot camp for puppies to help them become beloved family members

If you need a dog trainer in Northwest Indiana, Takacs is here for you. Learn more about my services below.

Proven Dog Training Methods

I am not only a dog trainer, but also a lifelong dog-lover who has substantial experience working with canine friends from all backgrounds. Perhaps you’ve adopted a pet from a rescue (for which I salute you: everyone needs a home!) and are hoping to live with it as a therapy dog. Perhaps you’ve taken on a puppy from a friend’s litter and need guidance on how to acclimatize the pup to your home and socialize it with other pets.

I’ve got your back. I use proven methods to teach your pet how to recognize friend from foe, and how to behave politely with guests, all utilizing positive reinforcement methods.

In-Home Dog Obedience Training

Behavioral problems like barking and greeting guests with a little too much enthusiasm are common in new pets. Together, you and I can help your furry friend feel settled with my in-home obedience training, including responding positively and politely to visiting pets.

This can be hard for rescue dogs especially, who have often had difficult lives. No need to worry: I am accustomed to working with nervous pets and rescue animals. Together, we can socialize your pet in simple stages and teach it to trust the outside world.

Positive Reinforcement for Behavioral Issues

I use tried-and-tested techniques such as positive reinforcement to improve behavior in puppies as well as adults. Everyone has to learn sometime, and there’s no better place for your pet to learn in Schererville and surrounding Northern Indiana than Takacs.

Contact us today to schedule your pups first session!

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