Highland, IN In-Home Dog Training

In-Home Dog Training in Highland, IN

Is your canine friend exhibiting unwanted behavior? If the answer is yes, consider in-home dog training in Highland, IN.

Whether you’re the owner of some adult dogs or a newborn puppy, my wide range of programs can help. Using positive reinforcement, I will work with your dog to tackle behavioral issues and improve obedience. No pup is too much.

Dog Behavior Programs

Several key skills can be taught through my in-home dog training in Highland, IN. These include:

Puppy Training

Through my courses, I can work with you and your pup to improve behavioral skills. Training him or her early is key in them developing basic obedience. It will also help them keep calm and respond to commands. Think about how much happier your furry pet will be if they’ve learned what’s expected from them at an early age.

Virtual Training

Worried about social distancing? I now provide in-home dog training in Highland, IN virtual training classes to keep everyone safe. I will walk you through ways to train your furry friend and analyze their behavior. This will allow us to better determine the program your pet needs.

Therapy Dog

I highly recommend that therapy dogs undergo regular training whether it be private lessons or group classes. A dog trainer can make sure that they keep you as well as themselves safe. On a budget? Consider reaching out to a charity to fund these lessons, or you can look for pet training coupons online.

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Whether you’ve got a naughty new puppy or an older animal who needs some help — I’m here for you. Contact us today for advice on how to train your pup.

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