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In home dog training services in Oak Park, IL

Training a dog, be it a rambunctious puppy or a skittish rescue, is a tall order in its own right. Trust me, after training hundreds myself, I get it. But what makes it even more difficult is the travel. If you have to commute to the city, nearby suburbs – or even within Oak Park itself – for on-site dog training while juggling a busy work and family life, it may prove to be a challenge for both you and your best friend.

But your puppy needs training! You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.

As inconvenient as those trips may be for you, think of the unnecessary stress it puts on your pup who is being shuttled back and forth to an unfamiliar place. The anxiety they may feel in the company of unknown other dogs and having to regain familiarity each time they arrive. Not an ideal scenario to say the least.

Sure, training can be done that way, taking your dog here and there, but you’re already starting on a bit of a bad paw so to speak. A little additional hill to climb. Another alternative is sending them away to an obedience school but who wants to be away from their pal for weeks?!

On the other hand, Oak Park is where you live. It’s your town and your community. It’s where you’ll take that best friend of yours on walks and it’s home to the parks they’ll wander, be it Lindberg, Scoville, Maple or another. More importantly your house is here and, as the saying goes, home is where the heart is. It stands to reason then that this is where you want your dog to feel most…well, at home, which is why I come to you.

Dog training in Oak Park, in the comfort of your own home.

Training that happens in the same place you build those strong bonds, right where you laugh and play with your dog. Strengthening that connection. From basic obedience to dealing with anxiety and fear to puppy training and more, with Takacs it’s all handled in the friendly confines of your own house.

Save yourself the travel, save your dog the unease. Your home is where your dog will spend most of their time so doing tailored, one-on-one training is a solution that benefits both you and your best friend.

If you are ready to start, contact me for a free phone consultation so that we can begin making your life with your dog the best that it can be.

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