Chicago IL In-Home Dog Training

In home dog training services in Chicago, IL and surrounding suburbs.

From Albany Park to Calumet City, Orland Park to East Side, Chicago certainly covers a lot of ground and something tells me that if you’re reading this, it probably feels like your dog covers even more on any given day!

Training a dog, be it a rambunctious pup or a skittish rescue, is a tall order. From puppy training to potty training to obedience training or correcting behavior problems of older dogs, trust me – after teaching hundreds myself – I get it.

For starters, not all dog trainers in Chicago use the same methods and I pride myself on the fact that my private training classes are force-free and focus on positive reinforcement throughout. Ensuring your dog stays happy and feels supported through the entire process.
What makes training dogs in Chicago even more difficult though is the travel, if you live in Uptown and have to commute all the way down to Tinley Park multiple times per week to reach those training sessions. Yikes.

As annoying as that trip may be for you, think of the unnecessary stress it puts on your dog who is being shuttled back and forth to totally unfamiliar group classes. The nervousness they may feel each time they arrive at group training until they finally gain some familiarity. Not an ideal scenario to say the least, let alone the separation anxiety that board and training can bring. Sure, training can be done in those ways but you’re already starting on a bad paw so to speak.

With in-home training services, behavior modification comes to you. Save yourself the travel and save your dog the distress.

A private lesson, as opposed to group training, also serves to remove potential distractions, allowing your dog to really focus.

And, most importantly, your home is where the heart is and it’s where you want your dog to feel most…well, at home, which is why I come to you. Professional dog training in the comfort of your own home. Training that happens in the same place you build those strong bonds, right where you laugh and play with your pooch. Strengthening that connection even more.

Your home is where your dog will spend most of their time, so doing a tailored, one-on-one training program there is a no-brainer.

That’s why my service area for dog training in Chicago includes downtown as well as most of the North and South Side. If you’re not sure if you’re in that bubble, just shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to accommodate your location.

If you are ready to start, contact me for a free phone consultation so that we can begin making your life with your dog the best that it can be.

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