Covid-19 Notifications

Updated 5/18/2020

Safety Protocols for Training Sessions in Your Home

With communities beginning to open up, I wanted to inform you of the
following protocols for in person training sessions when appropriate.

  • These protocols will be explained and provided to the client via email before each training session. This will ensure that the client and myself are current prior to each session as to any modifications that may occur with these protocols.
  • I will contact the client 24 hours prior to the session as well as the day of the session to verify the observed wellness of both myself and the client.
  • Training sessions will be provided outdoors with proper social distancing when practical and appropriate.
  • When I have arrived at the training location, I will call the client to let them know that I have arrived so that they can properly prepare.
  • If the session is to be indoors, I will enter with a cloth mask on and ask that the client please open all of the doors for me to enter.
  • Upon entering I will remove my shoes and put my training bag at a low traffic area. I will then wash my hands thoroughly.
  • I will then position myself at a distance that allows proper social distancing during the session.
  • Throughout the training session I will take and return training items to my training bag only to minimize surface interaction.
  • Upon completion of the session, I will wipe down all of the items that I used for training with disinfectant wipes. I will then pack everything up to leave and put my mask back on if it has been removed.
  • I will once again wash my hands or use hand sanitizer thoroughly and then slip my shoes back on.
  • I will then have the client open all of the doors necessary for my leaving.

Live Remote Training Services Announcement

During this challenging time of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we are all working together to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, while simultaneously figuring out how to minimize the resulting disruptions.

In an effort to do our part to help our dogs, families and communities, Takacs Dog Training LLC is now providing live remote training programs for you in the comfort and safety of your home. We will be able to do this via various platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Facetime. We will be providing the same programs we do now in Puppy Kindergarten, Obedience Training, Anxiety and Fear Training as well as Rescue Dog transitional training. The pricing for this service is $80 per session which is less than our in-home training pricing. We will still begin the process with a free phone or video conferencing consultation.

Please feel free to contact us via phone at 219-689-0180 or by email at We look forward to working with you and your furry family member to bring about positive accomplishments during this very trying time for us all.

Stay safe.

Chris Takacs, Takacs Dog Training