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Picture of Ally Scaccia with dog after dog training class graduation

My pup suffered from separation anxiety and leash aggression with other dogs. I hired Chris hoping to somewhat reduce her anxiety, and I cannot believe the progress we have made! We just completed our 5 session training, and she has almost no issues with separation anxiety, and can walk past dogs without breaking eye contact with me. Living in Chicago, there are so many dog friendly places. I used to be nervous to take my dog to restaurants, parks, etc. because of her anxiety and leash aggression. Now I feel 100% confident to bring her anywhere – she’s even gotten compliments from strangers about how well behaved she is in public! I am truly amazed at how well
Chris’s training has helped us. I can’t thank him enough!! He is kind, so easy to work with and willing to do anything it takes to help combat any issues you and your pup may have!

Ally Scaccia
Picture of Hattie family with dog after dog training class graduation

We cannot say enough positive things about Takacs Dog Training!! Chris is an extremely intelligent and skilled trainer (and is a pretty awesome guy as well)! We had Chris help train our English Cocker Spaniel puppy. We went through his 6 class curriculum and our puppy is now a genius (at least in our eyes). He helps assess the skill level of the owners and tailors the trainings to your needs. We have gotten so many compliments with how well behaved and trained our puppy is and everyone is shocked to hear that she’s only 5 months old. Chris really is a dog whisperer.

Another HUGE perk is that he will come to your home to train your dog! It doesn’t get much better/easier than that!

Rick and Bets Hudson
Picture of Minson family with dog after dog training class graduation

I was so excited to find Chris. It had been 10 years since we had a puppy and we needed guidance. I had made a short attempt at a puppy kindergarten class but both Gracie and I were too distracted. Our pup Gracie is a German Shepard-Husky mix with endless energy. My first introductory phone conversation with Chris was extremely detailed and when Chris arrived to our home he had a complete plan. We have adjusted that plan from week to week because Chris is totally invested in making sure he meets our goals with us and Gracie. Both my husband and I recommend Chris. He has been the answer to our training goals.

Ken and Desiree Minson
Picture of John and Catherine with dog after dog training class graduation

Working with Chris has been an absolute joy. If you are looking for a trainer for your dog, you will not believe how big a help Chris will be for you and your dog.

We could tell within minutes of talking with Chris that he truly cares about the dogs he works with and about us as the parents. His passion for dogs is clearly evident and his knowledge and ability to help matches his love of dogs.

When we first were looking for a trainer, part of it was due to wanting to make sure we were teaching her correctly, and part was due to a resource guarding. After we had our first session with Chris, the resource guarding issue was taken care of in about 5 minutes!

John and Catherine Doncaster
Picture of client with dog after dog training class graduation

I recently worked with Chris to help me with my dog, Miles. Miles was often over anxious and excited on his leash and needed leash training. This was a constant struggle due to miles’ large stature. Chris did a great job with Miles and as a result, Miles is much better on walks and more interested in walking next to me than out in front.

I couldn’t have stayed motivated to work with Miles without Chris’ support and ongoing dialogue. I highly recommend working with Chris if you are in need of a trainer for your dog!

Steven Zeppenfeld
Picture of client with dog after dog training class graduation

Chris was extremely patient with me and always made it easy to schedule the next days class. He worked very well with my dog. And is a great tool to have in the back of my pocket. Thanks for all you did Chris!

Trisha Swider
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